Mercedes Vito, Westfalia Marco Polo for sale

The camper has been the frame of our lives for the last 10 months. We have lived permanently in the camper: 2 adults, 2 teens and a dog. It has contributed to some of the best experiences we have had in our lives and ended the chapter with our lovely kids, who are moving away from home.

We have mainly wild camped. We have been able to do this due to both a fresh water tank with 40 liters, refrigerator, 2 gas burners, gas alarm, solar cells, inverter, heater and shower.

We have 2 teenage rooms – one in the tent and one in the back of the car. The office is on the turned front seat and the kitchen-living room is in the middle of the car.

The Leisure battery is powered through driving and the sun.

Even though the camper is small and compact, it still offers 4 beds and height when the roof is lifted. The front seats can be turned so we can sit all 4 around the table eating or playing board games.

In order to get extra space, we have been creative with storage options and shelves with lights over the kitchen.

For safety, we have upgraded the car with an alarm and immobilizer.

My husband loves music, so we have upgraded the system and installed extra loud speakers in the back.

Its driving features are like a regular car and because it is less than 2 meters high, we have been able to park in parking basements when visiting big cities.